WomanLog for iPhone

The definitive fertility and period app

WomanLog is an awesome fertility tracker and period calendar for your iPhone.

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  • Looks much better than rivals
  • Full featured
  • Export data
  • Password protect
  • Skinnable


  • Messy options menu
  • Some skins make interface hard to see


WomanLog is an awesome fertility tracker and period calendar for your iPhone.

The definitive fertility app

We think WomanLog is an awesome app. If you're looking to take a little more control of your cycle - or to have a little more warning! - we recommend it wholeheartedly.

The app takes the form of a calendar. When you install it, input the first day of your last period, and the app takes it from there, forecasting when your next period should make its appearance, when you're likely to be fertile and when you ovulate.

Obviously, you can also add more parameters to WomanLog, including information about your mood, weight, basal temperature (great for natural family planning), whether or not you've taken your pill and whether or not you've had sex.

For the weight and basal temperature (BMT), you can view specific stats, allowing you to track progress over time. WomanLog also has good extra settings, including the ability to protect your data with a password, export it (automatically or manually), change the app's skins, and other basic parameters.

There's also a Pro version, and a pregnancy mode, although this is very basic in WomanLog and you are encouraged to buy the specific pregnancy app, WomanLog Pregnancy Pro.

Simple, easy, quick

WomanLog is very easy to use. Like all apps of its type, just touch a day to input new information. Pick the options from the menu, and add a note if desired. At the most basic level, that's it - the app does all the figuring out and planning.

Turning your phone to landscape mode will allow you to see an overview of 3 month's worth of data. This is particularly useful, as are the individual basal and weight charts.

Our only complaint is that the settings menu is a little jumbled, with rating and social options mixed up with the basic app configuration options. It would be clearer if they were more distinctly grouped.

No complaints about quality

WomanLog is a solid app. During tests it performed perfectly, and over extended use, it has proven to be stable and reliable. Top marks.

Our top ovulation & fertility calendar

Getting a grip on your fertility is a great idea, whether you want a baby, don't want one, or haven't really decided! WomanLog is the ideal app to help you on your way. Download it now!

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WomanLog 5.6.21

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